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I am a speaker, advisor, and business coach that helps organizations unlock their potential to make a dent in the universe. How can I help?

I am a Founding Member at August, a New York-based consulting firm. 




Let's face it: work doesn't work. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Learn how to lead Responsive Organizations, and find out how to unlock your potential to make a dent in the universe. Find out if I'm available to speak at your next event.


The Future of Organization Development: What's stopping your organization from changing the world?

Responsive Leadership: How the leading companies of the 21st century are reshaping the c-suite

The Future of Work: How optimizing for uncertainty helps teams to thrive in a world defined by constant change




At Association of Change Management Professionals Annual Conference, Orlando FL, May 2019.


What leaders are saying...

Mike makes future trends accessible in the present – illuminating the immense shifts with data – and making the preparation and capitalization of them accessible to business leaders who are eager to not only survive, but thrive in this new landscape.
— Courtney Addy, CMO GE Capital
Mike was brilliant at our event. He explains complex things and future developments in a very compelling way. He provided actionable advice how we can be successful, and how organizations need to adapt and evolve. He has my warmest recommendations as a keynote speaker!!
— Erik Kruse, Networked Society Evangelist at Ericsson
Mike’s thoughts on how to organize teams and work for exponential change and inescapable uncertainty was truly inspiring for both our own team and our clients. It helped us to take self-management to the next level and experiment with new ways to plan our work.
— Nils van den Broek, Founding Partner at Valsplat
Mike’s message of organizational agility hit the bulls eye with our retail audience. Retailers can sometimes be a hard crowd but the enthusiasm in the room for the idea that we need to change the way we work was palpable. I would highly recommend Mike for any event that concerns Innovation.
— Gareth Jude, Retail Industry Lead at Telstra


Mike was a phenomenal moderator. Posed excellent questions, kept things moving, appropriately minimized his own contributions but jumped on a few times with highly relevant insights. Awesome!
— ATD Conference, 2019
Speaker had very good energy. I felt like he provided very good tangible examples.
— ACMP Conference, 2019
Brilliant session on a really important topic. Thank you!
— ATD Conference, 2019
Amazing. Best panel moderator ever!
— ATD Conference, 2019
Great takeaways, already sent to my team!
— ACMP Conference, 2019
One of the best panel discussions I’ve ever attended. I felt like I was sitting among some (very smart) friends. All the panelists were very well prepared.
— ATD Conference, 2019
Great session. Excellent speaker!
— ACMP Conference, 2019

An important note: I do not speak at any conferences that do not have women speakers, and I do not speak on any panels that do not include women. If your event does not meet these criteria, then I will unfortunately have to decline the opportunity. Fortunately, there are many many brilliant and qualified women for you to invite. If you’re looking for suggestions, consider this list.





Mike Arauz is a Founding Member and Acting President at August, a New York based consulting firm that builds high-performing teams for the world’s most meaningful missions.

Always thinking about the future, Mike is sought out by organizations around the world as a speaker and advisor to inspire organizations, teams, and leaders to change the way they work. 

Previously, Mike was a Partner at Undercurrent, where he helped executive leaders of global companies to transform how their organizations work and thrive in the 21st century, including GE, Pearson, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Before joining Undercurrent, Mike worked at the digital agency Deep Focus and at Pompei A.D., the design firm behind the vanguard retailers Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Mike is also a co-author of the Responsive.org manifesto and a leading contributor to the global self-management and future of work movement.

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